Stará Ľubovňa and surroundings

Church and the Piarists´monastery

In 1642 the Scepus mayor Stanislav Lubomirski founded the Piarists´ monastery in Podolínec. The Baroque church with two towers is one of outstanding landmarks of the town. The Piarists´school won distinction in the sphere of education and they became famous also far beyond the town´s borders due to its high level. The town used to be called Scepus Oxford or Athens upon Poprad. Among their famous students belong e.g. Stanislav Konarski, one of the co-founders of the Polish enlightenment, or Gyula Krúdy, important Hungarian prosaist.

The Baroque complex of buildings was built between 1647 and 1651 behind the town walls according to plans by the Vienna architect Pochsberger. The one-nave church has a straight ending. The central painting contains one big central part and two smaller side ones. The central painting, one of the biggest ones within Slovakia, presents the scene of the Saint Peter´s resurrection who had been risen of the dead by Saint Stanislaus to have confirmed his innocence. It is worthy of notice that both the monastery church and the Ľubovňa castle chapel have the same architecture, built by merit of Stanislav Lubomirski in the mid-17th century.

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