Stará Ľubovňa and surroundings

House of the Ľubovňa Burgher (No. 21)

In 2006 the exhibition of period habitation in 19th century was made available for public. It has been situated in the renovated house No. 21 from the end of the 18th century which was built on the older basements. Visitors can learn about traditional paper manufacturing or blueprinting there. In the blind window of the mentioned house is a mural painting with the motive of Saint Trinity to be seen. The fact that the town of Ľubovňa was struck by ruinous fire in 1639 is evidenced by the inscription on the Renaissance jamb in the house´s gateway: LVBLOVIA: ARSIT. 1639 HAEC RENOVATA ANNO 1641 R (Ľubovňa burnt out in 1639, reconstructed in 1641). In the mid-19th century the house was owned by the chamber´s officer Juraj Münster.

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